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Any limitation of skill, age or educational background?

If you are eager to fly, there are no specific requirement to join us. Only healthy people and the minimum of age at 10-year-old are what we recommend.

Is it safe for flight experience?

The aircrafts and airport facilities meet the standard requirements of aviation school. Our flight instructors were qualified by the Instructor Pilot license.

Is the program eligible for foreigner?

Absolutely, our professional team are well-communicated in English. Bilingual version is also provided during the program.

How can I apply the program?

Please contact our facebook page and send the message via inbox. Our team is ready to reply you ASAP.

What is the program fee included?

Everything is included without surcharge ;
- food and beverage
- coffee brake
- transportation (optional)
- accommodation
- photographer service
- program material
- polo shirt
- patch

Can I drive myself to the airport?

Sure, although the transportation was provided, but you can drive by youreself. We will share you the location to follow GPS.

Can I take some followers to join the program?

It is good to go with your follower, right?
You can take someone to enjoy together but we have to charge the follower fee to take care of food and any facilities. Please do not worry if you come alone, we are very nice to talk with.
For more information, sending direct message via inbox on Facebook page or do not hesitate to call us.

Is the certificate of each program provided?

It is the popular question. We have prepared the program certificate at the end of each program to ensure that you have experienced with us!

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